Cycling Cowden Hall

There are many wonderful cycle rides around the Neilston area

Neilston’s location, a few miles southwest of Glasgow City Centre, makes it an ideal base to enjoy the many miles of cycling that radiate from its boundaries.

The Bank Bike Hub holds a number of regular cycling events, including family ride outs. Please see our events calendar for more details.

Local highlights include Cowdenhall, Neilston Pad and Dams to Darnley Country Park while the likes of Pollok Park, Castle Semple Loch and Eaglesham Moor are, literally, only a bike ride away.

A good road and public transport infrastructure means Neilston is simple to get to while the village has a number of shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants. Add to this The Bank Bike Hub, with its repair workshop, public repair station and pump and café, and you have everything a cyclist requires to enjoy the surrounding landscape.

And even if you don’t have a bike, then one can be hired from The Bank Bike Hub.

A copy of our free ‘Cycle Neilston and Beyond’ guide booklet can be picked up from The Bank Bike Hub, Neilston Library or Neilston Leisure Centre or is available for download here.

Or why not check out the individual rides below.